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Biurim on Rashi – Attributed to the Mekubal Rabbi Nosson Shapiro – Venice 1593 – Map of Eretz Yisroel

Sefer Biurim, a compilation explaining Rashi’s commentary. This sefer has been attributed to the Mekubal Ha’Gaon Rabbi Nosson Shapiro ben Shimshon of Horodno, author of the Imrei Shefer, and Mevo She’arim. The Maharna"sh was the grandfather of the Megaleh Amukos. The true author of this sefer is still unknown.

The sefer has special illustrations, including a map of Eretz Yisroel, the ladder in Ya’akov Avinu’s dream, and the Beis Hamikdash’s menorah.

After this book was printed, the son of ‘Maharansh’ hurried to publish the ‘Imrei Shefer’, his father’s compilation of the Torah (Krakow 1597), in the preface, he wrote some very sharp words against the authors of the Biurim…" For the benefit of the public, I tried to publish my father’s work….I managed to publish his writings until sefer Vayikra… two years ago, a sefer Biurim was published and attributed to my father. This is not true, and who knows if it is not the writings of people who have no ‘Ol Malchus Shamayim’, since the author is unknown… perhaps it is the compilation of some young boy who wanted to derive fame on my father’s expense, the writings are void and counterfeit…". The great Gaonim, authors of Be’er Sheva and Tzedah Laderech, criticized the unknown author of Biurim in their seforim.

180 p. Very good condition, leather binding, minor repairs.