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Commentary on the Torah by Rabbeinu Yakov, the Ba’al HaTurim, Published as a separate sefer, Venice 1544

Pirush Ha’Torah of Rabbeinu Yakov ben Ha’Rosh (Rabbeinu Asher), the Ba’al HaTurim (1269-1343) is a commentary with parparaos, gematrios, and heartwarming explanations, Venice 1544.

This sefer was written at the request of the Ba’al Ha’Turim’s father-in-law, who asked him to write a commentary on Torah that was not based on Halachah (unlike his other seforim.) This commentary was compiled in one night, and is built on the Ramban, Rashi, Mahar"i Kimchi, Rashbam, and the Rosh. See preface to the Ba’al Ha’Turim edition 2006.

65, 1 p. Good condition: some inscriptions, restored title page, some fixed wormholes, stains, Leather bound with signs of usage.