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Sefer Ha'flah U'Machaneh Levi, Offenbach 1801, First Edition....

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Sefer Ha’flah U’Machaneh Levi, Offenbach 1801, First Edition. with stamp of Rabbi Chananya Lipa Meisels of Premisla

Sefer Ha’Makneh on maseches Kiddushin is the second volume of sefer Ha’flah authored by Ha’Gaon Rabbi Pinchos Ha’Levi Horowitz AB”D Frankfurt. It was published with the sefer Machneh Levi, which was authored by his son Rabbi Zvi Ha’Levi Horowitz. The sefer was printed in Offenbach 1801, and has the stamp of Ha’Gaon Rabbi Yosef Chananya Lipa Meisels AB"D of Premishla (Przemyśl).

Ha’Gaon the Ba’al Ha’flah was AB”D in Frankfurt de Main (Frankfurt am Main) and was a talmid of the Mezritcher Magid. He authored the sefer Ha’flah, which includes the sefer Ha’Makneh on maseches kiddushin. Sefer Kesubah on maseches kesubos, Sefer Panim Yafos on the Torah and other seforim. One of his most famous students was the Chasam Sofer.

His son Rabbi Zvi Hirsh Ha’Levi Horowitz was his father’s right hand and helped direct his father’s yeshiva. After the passing of the Ba’al Ha’flah, he was appointed AB”D of Frankfurt and authored the sefer Machne Levi and sefer Lachmei Todah. 

Ha’Gaon Rabbi Yosef Chananya Lipa Meisels AB"D of Premishla (Przemyśl) was a prominent Rav in his generation. He authored the sefer Pnei Yosef on hilchos ribis and Shu"t Tiferes Yosef that was published after his death. His seforim carry the approbations of Gedolei Ha’dor among them the Divrei Chaim who wrote "…he accomplished in a few years what it takes others many years to accomplish… he is an example to young students that if one who toils will achieve…"

In the sefer Shu"t Divrei Chaim, there are a few responsa addressed to him, including the famous responsa against machine made tzitzits.

Nice condition, loose and rubbed original leather binding.