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The Foundation to Lomdos – Shu”t Sha’agas Aryeh’s, Frankfurt (Oder) 1756 First Edition

Sefer Shu”t Sha’agas Aryeh by Ha’Gaon Rabbi Arye Leib Gunzburg, Rav of Volozhin and Metz. He was known as ‘Reb Leib Rosh Yeshiva’. Frankfurt an der Oder 1756. First Edition.

This is a complete edition. There are two different editions of the sefer Sha’agas Aryeh First Edition. One version has 103 chapters and is the more common version of the Sefer. This is the version that Rabbi Akiva Eiger and many others owned. There is a second version with 108 chapters that the Chid”a owned, that is apparently a rarer version and is not uploaded to the digital library Otzar Ha’Chochma. (For more details, see the introduction to Sha’agas Aryeh bt Mechon Sha’ar Ha’Mishpat comment 35).

This sefer is the rarer version with 108 chapters.

To get a glimpse of the Sha’agas Aryeh’s greatness, it is necessary to cite the words of his student, Ha’Gaon Rabbi Eliezer Kalir, author of sefer “Ohr Chadash” in his eulogy on the Sha’agas Aryeh. He noted that the Sha’agas Aryeh stayd by his father-in-law for four days, and his knowledge of all of Shas tosfos and rishonim was outstanding… He also never stopped learning Torah, did not go to sleep in bed at night, and learned all the time. He knew every area of Torah… 

One of the most important seforim, this sefer is mentioned tens of thousands of times by the poskim.

1, 93 p. Good Condition. Beautiful new leather binding.