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Yeshuos Ya’akov, Zolkiev 1828 – glosses in the handwriting of the great gaon Rabbi Meir Leibish Malbim that were never printed!

Yeshuos Ya’akov, commentary on the Shulchan Aruch Orach Chaim, first part on Siman 1 to 241 by the Rabbi Ya’akov Orenstein Rabbi of Lvov, Zolkiev 1828 – first edition.

The Malbim became famous throughout the Jewish world for his wonderful books, apart from his treatise on the Bible and more,
he authored a comprehensive treatise on the Laws of tzitzis and tefillin called ‘Artzos HaChaim’. Every Rabbi and teacher used his classic, a
nd it is mentioned many times in the ‘Mishna Berura’. The ‘Chasam Sofer’ exhorted him with his approval, stating: "and like this see and sanctify" (The author being merely twenty-six years old!).

Before us are the glosses of the Malbi’m on the book Yeshuos Ya’akov, the laws of tzitzis and tefillin, which he probably did not have before his eyes when he wrote his work ‘Artzos HaChaim’. (the book was first printed in 1837, but it was already compiled close to the printing of Yeshuos Ya’akov before us, and its writing was completed in the year 1830), in his glosses, Malbim discusses the author’s words and occasionally in firm expressions. ".. there is no difficulty here at all". On siman 8 there is a note dealing with the matters of the Talis Katan blessing, which he has already dealt with in his aforementioned book. – and thus, we have before us a wonderful completion to the book ‘Artzos HaChaim’ which deserves to be printed!

Halachic glosses from the Malbi’m are extremely rare – blessed is the person who is lucky enough to bring such a treasure trove into his home!

[2], 144 pages, good-moderate condition, two perforations throughout the book, wear on the last few pages with a flaw in the text reinforced with paper pasting.