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The personal Ramba"m of the revered Gaon Rabbi Shlomo Iger, annotated with his handwritten glosses

Rambam, Seder Noshim, Diharenfurt 1810 – Numerous annotations (57 הגהות, mostly long) by the esteemed Gaon Rabbi Shlomo Iger, NOT YET PRINTED

The ‘Galionot’ of Rabbi Shlomo, known as the ‘Galion Maharshal, ‘ gained immense recognition among scholars and were printed over the years in every edition of the Shas and Shulchan Aruch.

The illustrious Rabbi Solomon Iger, the author of "Gilyon Maharsha, " (1766-1848), was the beloved son and distinguished disciple of Rabbi Akiva Iger. Though initially reluctant to embrace the mantle of rabbinical leadership, he eventually accepted the position of Rabbi of Kalisz. Following his father’s passing, he succeeded him as Av Beit Din of the prominent city of Posen. Rabbi Solomon authored numerous works, and his contributions to Torah scholarship, especially his glosses known as "Gilyon Maharsha, " are highly regarded.

Very good condition, minor stains and slight wear, new leather binding.