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Beis Ya’akov – The original manuscript of the famous work by the "Nesivos" – with comments and changes in the handwriting of the author!

"Beis Ya’akov" on the laws of Kesubos (Even Ha-Ezer siman 66 – 118), by Rabbi Ya’akov Lorberbaum Rabbi of Lissa, author of "Nesivos Hamishpat" and "Chavas Da’as" – various changes from the printed edition!

The book ‘Beis Ya’akov’ is the foundational book used by the "Mesadrei Kiddushin" the rabbis who run marriages for over 200 years – now the manuscript from which the book was apparently printed has been discovered!

The manuscript was written in the handwriting of a fine scribe (or by one of the authors students),
and between the lines were added notes, erasures, and additions in the author’s own handwriting, who probably proofread the manuscript before it was printed. From an examination of the manuscript against the printed edition (checked with the Jerusalem edition 2003), most of the corrections and additions were printed, and from this it must be determined that according to this manuscript the book was printed in Horubiesov 1823.
There are however two printing errors that are found in the manuscript and were omitted by the editors of the printed work. in siman 63 par. 3 we found in the author’s handwriting a comment that was not printed, also in siman 68 par. 2, about five words were deleted, and in the edition before us they are in print – the corrections and additions are scattered throughout the book, and it is obvious that the ‘Nesivos’ went over everything with great care.

This manuscript was given by the Nesivos to Rabbi Yitzchak Kovler Rabbi of Stanislav, who gave it to his son the Gaon Rabbi Eliezer Lipa Kovler Rabbi of Skalit, who in turn gave to his grandson the Gaon Rabbi Yeshaya Landman Rabbi of Ozipalia, author of ‘Tavna Ledina’, [son of his son-in-law Rabbi Mordechai Zvi Landman Rabbi of Skalit].

On the title page of the book there is a record about the manuscript being passed down from generation to generation, in the handwriting of the above-mentioned Rabbi Landman. In addition, a signature of: "Moshe Mordechai Kovlir.."

The Gaon Rabbi Yitzchak Kovlir rabbi of Stanislav, was the cousin of the ‘Yismach Moshe’ (his father’s sister’s son), grandson of the famous ba’al ‘Gilui Eliyahu’ the Zaddik Rabbi Aharon Zelig of Stanislav. From what is seen before us here, it seems that he was a close friend of the ‘Nesivos Hamishpat’. (See more about him in ‘Ohalei Shem’ p. 213).

The Gaon Rabbi Yeshaya Landman Rabbi of Ozipalya, author of ‘Tavna Ledina’, an offspring of Rabbi Zalman of Stanislav, brother-in-law of the ‘Meir Nesivim’ and ‘Tzlossa DeAvraham’. He was ordained by Rabbi Yitzchak Aharon Etinga Rabbi of Levov. In 1887 he was appointed Rabbi of Ozipalia, he corresponded with the greats of his time in Halacha, like the Harei Besamim and the Mharsh"am. He left behind many unpublished works. (see ‘Oholei Shem’ p. 213).

The entire work is in very good condition, a little wear to the edges of a few pages, a few light stains on the front page, last page in moderate condition with signs of dampness and wear, nice leather binding.