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Historic: Ksav Ha’chtarah of the Gaon Ba’al Nesivos Ha’Mishpat of Lisa 1816 – Signed by the Rabbanim of Lisa.

After we at Atikim Auction House publicized in previous sale the letter from the Nesivos Ha’Mishpat, to the heads of the Lisa Kehilla, about the humiliating behavior of some members of the Kehilla towards him, and his astounding answer, which is a display of the humility of Ha’Gaon Rabbi Yakov, who is known as the leading source for all dayanim, where he testifies about himself … "I have never called a person to a din Torah…."

This document is a renewal of the certificate of appointment 1816, where the residents of Lisa increase his weekly salary by 5 Reichsthaler. The previous salary had been 10 Reichstaler per week. The generous increase was probably due to the fear that Rabbi Yakov would move to a larger community. At that time, the large city of Warsaw was looking for a new Rabbi. The Chemdas Shlomo accepted the position in 1819.

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Among the many signatures, one finds:

  • Ha’Gaon Rabbi Nachman Berlin, author of the sefer Ein Mishpat Eis L’Daber, and Kadur Katan against the reform movement. He reprinted the sefer Chavas Da’as of Ha’Gaon Rabbi Yakov Lisa in 1810.
  • Rabbi Eizik Gershon ben R’ Yehuda Goldman, Rava"d in Lisa, a known Ish Kodesh. Responsa 214 in Shu"t Rabbi Akiva Eiger is addressed to him. For more details, see the introduction to Sefer Peulos Tzedek (Pietrokv 1929). (For more information, see Chachmi Poilin p. 46).
  • Rabbi Eliezer ben R’ Moshe Yakov Breisch Ha’Gaon and Rosh Yeshiva in Kutna. At the time of this ha’chtarah, he was one of the dayanim in Lisa. Rabbi Eliezer had a very close relationship with Rabbi Yakov, and Rabbi Yakov was the one who recommended him for the position in Kutna. Author of sefer Peulos Tzedek. He was the brother-in-law of Rabbi Eizik Gershon. (For more details, see Chachmi Poilin pg. 45-47)
  • Rabbi Chaim Lewenstam ben Rabbi Aryeh Leib Breslau, Ha’Gaon Livarden Leeuwarden passed away in 1836.
  • Rabbi Eliezer Lipman of Ravitz, was the prime disciple of Ha’Gaon Rabbi Akiva Eiger.
  • Rabbi Yonoson ben R’ Zecharya Mendel was likely the son of Ha’Gaon Zecharya Mendel ben Ha’Gaon Rabbi Dovid Tevele, one of the dayanim in Lisa.
  • Rabbi Moshe ben R’ Dovid of Posna one of the dayanim in Lisa.
  • Ha’Nagid Reb Avraham ben R’ A. Gotstein, was one of the Kehilla’s wealthy, influential members. He was the father-in-law of Ha’Gaon Rabbi Chaim Lewenstam of Livarden, His mechutan the father of Rabbi Chaim was Rabbi Aryeh Leib Breslau of Rotterdam author of the sefer Pnei Aryeh. He was also a mechutan of Rabbi Yehuda Leib Kalischer.
  • Ha’Nagid Rabbi Eliezer ben R’ Chaim Segal of Plonsk (Płońsk). In 1810 he reprinted the sefer Chavas Da’as with Rabbi Nachman Berlin. 
  • Ha’Parnes Rabbi Nechemia Lewenstien, a relative of Rabbi Yehuda Leib Kalischer.
  • Rabbi Dovid Leib Herzfeld a mechutan of Rabbi Yehuda Leib Kalischer
    This document has many more notable signatures, including signatures of people from respectable families.

1 double sheet paper, written on 3 sides, size: 34x21 cm.

Good condition. Stained, signs of usage with a few small tears in the margins. Old hole-punch marks.