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Historical Museum Item! – Miniature illuminated Manuscript on Parchment, ‘Tikunei Shabbat’ – Peirek Shirah, ‘ Germany, 1717

Manuscript of
‘Tikunei Shabbat, ‘ including all Shabbat evening and morning orders, Havdalah and Kiddush Levanah rituals,
Peirek Shirah. Amsterdam, 1717. Interwoven with colorful illustrations, exquisite handcrafted artistry.

According to Professor Shalom Sabar, before us lies one of the earliest known works by artists associated with the ‘Bohemian-Moravian School, ‘ who created Jewish art for the elite society in Germany during the late 17th century. All other illuminated manuscripts are later than our codex and none contain the two compilations of ‘Tikunei Shabbat’ and Peirek Shirah, ‘ – either the first or the second.

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Description of the manuscript:
The manuscript is written in a Scribes’ writing style, marked with capitalized letters and punctuated. Selected passages are written in larger script, with initial words in larger or decorative writing. All pages are adorned with a red ink frame, interspersed with guidance notes between sections, and the ‘Shirah Chapter’ is written in Rashi script in brown ink. Selected hymns such as ‘Tzur Mishelo Achalnu, ‘ ‘Atikinu Sa’uda, ‘ and ‘Chai Hashem’ are written in ‘Tzaineh V’Rainen’ letters (commonly used among Ashkenazi Jews), apparently to enable women to follow along with the song during the Shabbat meal. –
The song ‘Gat Avraham Yitzchak’ also in ‘Tzaineh V’Rainen’ letters is written in a brief formula (the famous song of the Holy Rabbi Levi Yitzchok of Berdichev is likely based on this).

Manuscript adorned with exquisite illustrations, as follows:
‘Lechu Neranena’ – Illustration of a bird and colorful flowers combined with the opening word ‘Lechu.’

Illustrations of Shabbat events and departures – in Psalms and prayers: Every Sanctuary, Friday, Lecha Dodi, Conclusion of the Grace after Meals, Havdalah (Distinction between Holy and Profane). – Illustrations of figures (in traditional Ashkenazi attire, typical of high-status individuals in Germany).

Adornments of illustrations depicting colorful flowers, branches, and elegant scenes – in Psalms and prayers: Every Sanctuary, Azamer Bishvachin, Shir Hashirim (Song of Songs), Asader Lisu’ada, Chai Hashem, Baruch Hashem Yom Yom, On the Eve of the Day of Rest, Kiddush Levanah.

Peirek Shirah: Special illustrations for each song, depicting the figure of the song’s author in a beautiful miniature illustration, with a decorated frame. Forty-five colorful illustrations, concluding with a lovely flower painting.

Attached is a
detailed article by the renowned researcher Professor Shalom Sabar, who studied this manuscript in depth.

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89 pages (including flyleaf pages), comprising 170 written pages. Book dimensions: 7.3/11.4 cm, binding dimensions: 12/7.5 cm. Pages made of exquisite and clear parchment, original leather binding placed in a beautiful leather slipcase, some minor stains and very light smudges, the box is professionally restored, and in very good and excellent condition.