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Kabbalah – Kavanas Shlomo, Kavanas Ha’Ar"i on tefilas shacharis Venice 1670, First Edition

Kavanas Shlomo was prepared for publication by the mekubal Rabbi Shlomo Rokeach. It explains the special kavanos and yichudim of tefilah according to the Ar"i Hakadosh, the Rama"k and Rabbi Menachem Azaryahu of Pano.

This sefer was compiled with the help of the Mekubal Rabbi Moshe Zacuto, the Remez. The sefer contains a poetic preface authored by the Remez expressing his admiration for the author.

This copy belonged to the Kloiz of Rabbi Avraham ben Gavrial of Furth. The Gaon Rabbi Avraham Frankel was one of the leading Rabbonim in Germany; he taught Torah in the Furth kloiz that his father, Rabbi Gavriel Frankel, founded. In 1715, he was appointed Rav of Ansbach.

121 p. Good condition, Beautiful new leather binding.