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Kabbalah Classic – "The first source for the saying "Hashem Melech Hashem Malach" while standing – Arzi Levanon, collection of sifrei Kabbalah- Venice 1601 First Edition

Sefer Arzi Levanon, a collection of Kabbalistic writings Venice 1601. First Edition.
Eight (the cover has a typesetting mistake and states seven) different mamarim (essays) on Toras Hanistar authored by different Gedolei Yisrael.

1. Medrash Konein, attributed to the Amora Shmuel, on seder Briyas Ha’olam (the order of the creation of the world), sections of ‘Gan Eden’ and other profound esoteric teachings of the wonders of creation. The ma’amar is accompanied by drawings explaining the author’s kabbalistic meanings.
This midrash is the first source that one should stand when reciting the posuk "Hashem Melech Hashem Malach".
It is customary to say the pasuk ‘Hashem Melech’ twice daily (Shvilei Leket Ch. 76). The custom to stand while saying this pasuk, is because it is written at the end of the Midrash Konein, That a Malach stands in the middle of the sky and proclaims Hashem Melech… and all the heavenly legions answer amein… just as the malachim (angels) stand while saying this pasuk so to should we stand". (Beis Yosef Aruch Chaim Ch.50)

2. Sefer Emunah U’Bitachon, details the miracles of the Ramban and twenty-six chapters of Mussar in connection to the meeting of Yaakov and Esau. Some doubt the credibility of the Ramban authorship of this essay; however, Gedolei Sfard, in the generation after the Ramban, used this sefer.

3. Sefer Hanikud by Rabbi Yosef Giktilia, about the secrets of the 22 letters of the Aleph Beis, called the Osiyos (letters of) Chashma"l.

4. Sod Ha’Chasmal, by Rabbi Yosef Giktilia, about the secrets of prophecy.

5. Maseches Ha’Yecholos, by Rebbe Yishmael Kohein Gadol, about the secrets of Ma’asei Merkavah, the names of thrones of Hakodosh Baruch Hu, accompanied by drawings of the thrones.

6. Ma’ayan Ha’Chochma, describes Moshe Rabeinu’s ascension to heaven (shamayim), how Hashem taught him the Torah, and the description of his disputes and dialogs with the Melachim.

7. L’Yirei Hashem U’Lchoshvei Shemoi, an opening to understand the calculations and combinations of the secrets of the names of Hakodosh Baruch Hu.

8. Rules of the sefer Midrash Rabbah, authored by Rabbi Avraham Akra, rules about Midrash Rabbah, its intentions, language, and allusions.

5 pages, beautiful condition, lower part of title is slightly cut, minor stains.