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Tanach, Frankfurt (Oder) 1595 – a magnificent copy...

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Tanach, Frankfurt (Oder) 1595 – a magnificent copy with original binding

One of the first Hebrew books printed in Frankfurt!

This edition includes the Five Books of the Torah along with the Five Megillos, the Nevi’im (both Former and Latter), and the Kesuvim, all meticulously vowelized and punctuated. Separate title pages are provided for the Torah, the Former Nevi’im, the Latter Nevi’im, and the Kesuvim.

The title page of this copy is a unique variant, with the explicit name of Hashem printed at the top of the page – this edition is unique in that the verse count is written on the right side of the page, with skips of five verses each time.

The set includes: Chamisha Chumshei Torah [148] pages, Former Nevi’im [112] pages, Latter Nevi’im [119] pages, Kesuvim [128] pages.

An exceptionally magnificent copy, with pages in excellent and impressive condition. slight stains scattered, the first page of Sefer Iyov remains partially incomplete and has been neatly supplemented in a beautiful handwritten addition. Bound in old antique leather binding.