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Document from the Holy Kabbalist Rabbi Moshe Zacuto and the Sages of Mantua – Tishrei 1678

This document entirely written and signed by the esteemed Holy Kabbalist Rabbi Moshe Zacuto, known as "the Rema"z", and the eminent sages of Mantua. It serves as confirmation of Rabbi Moshe Zacuto’s stipend from the community of Mantua, where he served as the grand Rabbi of Mantua since the year 1673.

"I have received from the honorable leaders, the notables of the city of Mantua, the sum of eight hundred and eighty lire, for my salary from the month of Tishrei until the end of the month of Kislev. And to attest to the truth, I have signed my name here in Mantua, on the 19th day of Tishrei, in the year 1678.
I am Moshe, son of the late Rabbi Mordechai Zacuto, of blessed memory."

The Rema"Z passed away on the 16th of Tishrei 1698 – a year marked by the birth of the holy Baal Shem Tov.

The document is attested and approved by the Sages of Mantua:
Rabbi Yosef Hakohen: Presumably Rabbi Yosef Katz, one of the rabbis of Mantua, who jointly signed a treatise titled ‘Shuda DeDayanei’ concerning regulations and decrees related to legal documents in the same year – 1678.

Rabbi David Halevi: Likely Rabbi David, son of Elyokim, from Monferrato, a member of the Mantua Beit Din since the year 1640. He, too, signed the treatise ‘Shuda DeDayanei’ alongside the Rema"Z and Rabbi Yosef in the same year – 1678.

It is worth noting that these rabbis were likely the most prominent figures in Mantua after the Rema"Z, as evidenced by their signatures on the treatise ‘Shuda DeDayanei, ‘ where a total of 14 rabbis signed, with Rabbi Yosef and Rabbi David signatures immediately following the Rema"Z.

1 page, good condition, some ink stains.