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Kabbalah Classic - Sefer Pa’amon V’Rimon, Amsterdam 1708....

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Kabbalah Classic – Sefer Pa’amon V’Rimon, Amsterdam 1708. With a rare folded chart with guidelines to understanding the Kabbalistic teachings of the sefirot

Sefer Pa’amon V’Rimon, a collection of shiurim from the greatest Mekubalim, including Pardes Rimonim by Ha’Mekubal Rabbi Moshe Cordovero, Asis Rimonim by R. Shmuel Gallico, a talmid of the Rama”k who wrote an abridged version of the Sefer Ha’Pardes, and Pelech Ha’Rimon a summary by Rabbi Menachem Azaryah of Pano.

Amsterdam, by Moshe Dias Printing House 1708.

The flyleaf is signed Avraham Berlin Adar Sheini 1826.

At the end of the sefer, there is a folded chart with the Ilan Ha’Kodesh, a chain-like diagram of the Sefirot.

4, 88 p. folded page. Excellent condition, original wood binding.