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Lev Avos, by Rabbi Shlomo Halevi Hazoken, Thessaloniki 1565 – First and rare edition

Lev Avos, a profound exploration of the chapters of Tractate Avot, authored by Rabbi Shlomo Halevi Hazoken, rare first edition, Thessaloniki, 1565.

This sefer enjoyed significant success, a noteworthy achievement, leading to a rare reprint during the author’s lifetime in 1571—an unusual occurrence for authors of this period. This reissue attests to the sefer’s enduring importance and influence in shaping the opinions of its contemporary audience.

Rabbi Shlomo Halevi Hazoken (1532-1600) was born in Thessaloniki, and was the grandson of Rabbi Shlomo, who had been exiled from Spain. In his youth he studied in the Yeshiva of one of the greats of his generation, the Mahar’i Ben Lev, and he served as the proofreader for his esteemed rabbi’s work, "Shut Mahar’i Ben Lev" (Shaloniki 1557). At the age of only 20, he gained fame in the controversy of the community of the Islands of Sicily, regarding the "Sirchas Haraya, " earning the agreement of the great Rabbi Yosef Karo, author of the Shulchan Aruch, on his ruling. R. Shlomo held positions such as Rav of Provence and more, renowned for his sermons throughout Thessaloniki. His son-in-law is the renowned Gaon Rabbi Aharon Sasson, author of Shut Toras Emes. Although R. Shlomo mentioned in his writings around twenty seforim that he wrote, many did not make it into print.

This publication marks the first of his works printed during his lifetime

128 p. Very good c ondition, with some light stains. Bound in a beautiful leather binding.