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Sefer Ibur Shanim, known as Tikun Yissaschar, Venice 1579

Sefer Ibur Shanim – Tikun Yissaschar, contains the minhagim and halachos of the Sephardic (Spanish expulsion) and North African communities, according to the Jewish calendar. It includes the seder Krias Ha’Torah, calculation of leap years, and other essential halachos. Sefer Ibur Shanim was authored by Ha’Gaon Rabbi Yissachar ben Mordechai Sussan Ma’aravi. Venice 1579.

This work features six sphere shaped illustrations of calculations for the Hebrew calendar as well as calendrical tables.

This sefer, initially printed in Constantinople in 1564 as ‘Tikkun Yissachar’, was printed without the author’s knowledge or consent. Rabbi Yissachar reprinted the sefer as ‘Ibur Shanim’, with additions and amendments. In his preface, he wrote sharply worded comments regarding the first edition, which was printed without permission.

In the sefer, the author mentions an encounter with Rabbi Yoseph Karo, mechaber of the Shulchan Aruch, "… Ha’Gaon Rabbi Yosef Karo prayed with us today, and he performed a bris milah. He did not speak to me, but I did not notice that he stuttered…" (p. 57 b)

On the title page, there is a signature of Rabbi Yosef Chaim Katzigin of Casale, a Gaon and close friend of the great kabbalist Rabbi Moshe Zacuto (the Ramaz) and Rabbi Binyamin Cohen (the Ravak). There are additional signatures and illustrations related to Kabbalah in the sefer.

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Rabbi Yissachar ben Sussan was born in Fez Marocco. At age of twenty, he moved to Jerusalem, where he studied under Ha’Gaon Rabbi Levi ben Chaviv the Ralba"ch. He then moved to Tzfas and led the Kehilas Ha’Ma’aravim. Many poskim bring his teachings, and many gedolim, including the Mabit (Ha’Gaon Rabbi Moshe ben Trani), rule according to his opinion. He is known to have written an Arabic translation on Tanach, which has since been lost.

Rabbi Yosef Chaim Ketzigin of Casale, who passed away on erev Shavous 1681, was a Gaon and close friend of the the Mekubalim Ha’Gaon Rabbi Moshe Zacuto (the Ramaz) and Ha’Gaon Rabbi Binyamin Cohen (the Ravak). He passed away at a young age, and his friend the Ravak eulogized him, "…his contributions to the Torah and his humility were widely recognized", the Ramaz wrote a special poem as a mazal tov letter upon his daughter’s marriage.

136 leaves. Good condition, title page loose, antique leather binding.