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Magnificent Tanach Amsterdam 1705 – Gilt Edging – Exquisite artistic drawings Masterpiece!!!

Second title page with red ink; additional title pages for Nevi’im and Kesuvim with decorated frames.

Tanach with Latin explanations in the margins, preface by Everardo van der Hooght, the last Hebraist of the Dutch Republic, and an introduction by scholars of the Dutch Academy.

At the end of the sefer, there is a chart with the haftorahs, and a treatise on variations between other editions of Tanach to this edition.

It seems that this volume was printed in competition with the Tanach printed at the same time by Emanuel ben Yosef Attias Printing House in Amsterdam 1705.

[26]; 333; [1], 352, [2]; [22] pages. Magnificent copy, quality paper. Original antique leather binding. Gilt-edged pages with exquisite decorations and designs.